Especially for Kelsey Muller

Stuart Muller

I met your father on Thursday 21 June 1984 In New York. We had a meeting in a cafe and he was sitting in the corner with the other members who had done the Southerner from Trek America: Monica, Rochelle and Craig. Stuart, your father, was annoying because he was stealing the lighter of Monica. In those days it was still allowed to smoke in cafe’s.

The next morning we left New York and were driving to Niagara Falls. A few days later I was sitting next to a young man from Australia. I knew he was the young man I met a few days earlier. But because he and I had photo’s we exchanged and he turned out to be a VERY NICE man. So from that moment on we were always together. A few days later we were in Minneapolis and we went swimming in the lake. So after we sat along the shore of the lake.

Stuart and me

In Winnemucca I made this picture. Your father was always the first out of the tent and made me tea in the morning = under here.

The picture here next shows our camp. We needed two picknick tables for all our stuf. The couches could be removed from the van.
That evening we went to a real RODEO! Luckily for me I had someone sitting next to me who could explain me all.

And because I had a lovely time with your father I decided to go to  Australia the next year in 1985 for my summer holiday.